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Exclusive Interview with Ms. Avani Modi

TFC18 team congratulate Ms Avani Modi for being in Shri Madhur Bhandararkar's film " Calender Girls ". As we are passionate about movies and films, lets start this interview about your upcoming movie and your journey in movie industry thus far

Exclusive Interview with Ms Avani Modi

Q.1  Ms.Avani Modi  , Can you brief us , about " Calender Girls " and about Your Character " Nazneen"

The movie CALENDAR GIRLS is about five girls who come to Mumbai to be calendar girls and then their life journey. It is not about the struggle in glamour industry but it is about the destiny which leads them to different paths in their lives.
I play the girl NAZNEEN in the film. She is very strong hearted and bold girl. He believes strongly in her values but the reality of the world makes her to face lots of ups and downs in her life. It is a fight between her morals and brutal reality.

Q.2. In this film , there are TWO shades . The First Shade is totally " Calender Girl " i.e. Glamour and Another Shade is Air hostess . How you balanced both shades ?  Which shade was difficult to you ?

Apart from what u saw in the teaser, I have lot more other shades in the film. The Air hostess look is a part on my journey in the film. Just Waugh for the film release there are lot many surprises for all my fans. 

Q.3  You started your Career as Theater Actor , then You worked in Two Tamil movies , One Short film Gullabee and right now Calender Girls . How is this Journey ?

The journey has been really interesting. My personal life is also full of ups and downs which I have faced in the industry. I started my journey from the scratch and made it till here. I didn't planned anything but my focus was clear that I want to do movies only. And then opportunities came and I started working. I feel blessed from the universe for giving me all these opportunities and making me stronger day by day.

Q.4 . Can you say that Your father Shri Vinod Modi is the " Inspirational Guru " to become as Actress. Can you tell about him because It is known that he worked with Veteran Hindi Actor Shomu Mukkhajee

My father is the strongest pillar of my life. OFCOURSE he is my moral and emotional support both my parents are very supportive. My mother is my emotional strength and father is my inspiration. They have given me all the freedom in life to pursue my dreams. He was working with somu Mukharjee long back as an assistant. He also came with a dream to make it big in the industry now he is living his dream thru my success in the industry.

Q.5 . Are you tensed in Seeing u in the Screen as " Calender Girls " ?

OFCOURSE not. I am very confident and I am sure people will love me as a performer.

Q.6 . Ms. Avani Modi , We heard that You do Yoga instead of going to Gym and heard you wanted to Promote ROPE YOGA ? Can you brief us the Plans of Promoting ROPE YOGA ?

Well this Rope Yoga thing started with my Tamil Film STRAWBERRY. in which my director Pa. vijay made me to this. I did it for the first time and I loved doing it. It has lost t more benefits that general Yoga so I feel to promote it all over I can. I am in taking terms with few organisations which are supporting me to promote Rope Yoga.

Q.7  Ms.Avani Modi , Working with Shri Madhur Bhandrarkarji is a Dream Come True ? We also believe that You will be Working with Top most Directors after this film because You will be seen in Glamour and Non-Glamour Shades . Whether You tell us which Directors you wanted to work?

Well I am very selfish actor. Lol. And I feel every actor shud be hungry for the roles. So yes I want to work with all the possible directors who can offer me different roles to explore myself as an actor. And talking about the names then I wish I work soon with Mr Sanjay Bhansali and Mr Raju Hirani. I love their films and way of storytelling.

Q.8 . Ms. Avani Modi , Do you have any Plans to come in Telugu Industry ? If so can you brief about it

Yes I have major plans of entering in to telugu industry and I want to make it big there. God is kind that I have few offers from telugu which will be announced soon.

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