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Movie making is a labor intensive and complicated business. actors need to be hired and coordinated, sets built and maintained, and once the pre-production and production is done still 50% of the work pending in the form of post-production which is not only a cumbersome process but also  requires allocation of dedicated man hours since it  includes special effects, VFX, dubbing, re-recording & editing etc. all this has to be done before the final product is released.

 We provide the film producers and film production companies a responsive cost effective film production management ( Pre- Production, Production & Post Production )

1·  Setting up of production office

2. Help you with the required legal assistance

3. Approve your final script.

4. Create a breakdown of the script, and a preliminary shoot schedule.

5. Hire your crew and meet with each key department to gain an idea of what costs and expenses are expected to arise.

6. Find and secure all your locations.

7. Build and decorate sets. Acquire all props needed for the sets and characters.

8. Cast the film and wardrobe all the characters. If time allows, conduct rehearsals.

9. Secure craft services, catering or arrange food for the cast and crew during the shoot.

10. Prepare all agreements, releases, contracts and other paperwork.

11. Clear all copyrighted materials and music.

12. Plan for stunt work, special effects and other special requirements, such as animalsvehicles, etc.

13. Complete your final shoot schedule.

14. Post production services such as processing and editing facilities, special effects, etc

15. Film marketing services ( Public relations, Local Media, Campaigning’s, Advertisements etc)

16. Any other things which meets your projects requirement

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