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Feature Film "METRO" by R4 Entertainments


Synopsis of the movie

Metro is a Tamil action - thriller movie direction by Ananda Krishnan. The movie has Bobby Simhaa, Maya and Satya in the lead roles.  “ The film highlights the impact and menace of Chain snatching in the society. The film is made to spread awareness about chain snatching of the women and society.

“ Shirish plays a journalist and his younger brother, played by Sathya, is a college student. Sathya's desire to get his hands on a high-end bike, which his father and brother cannot afford, tempts him to opt for a path, frequently taken by greedy youngsters.

“ Chain snatching is a menace in India, but it is one of the many ways to make some quick bucks. Sathya turns to this illegality to lead a lavish life, which transforms him into a different entity altogether.




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